About us

evertourist is a multibrand shop with articles for those who love traveling as much as we do. The idea was to create a shopping platform which would allow every traveler to gain access to a full range of luggage and accessories necessary for the unlimited moving possibilities. We want to be (and will be) the first Polish online shop to have space suits for interplanetary expeditions and teleportation devices. Seriously, we’re already working on that :)

Every journey starts with leaving home. It might be a journey through the urban jungle – for those travelers we have backpacks, briefcases i handbags, also with laptop and tablet sleeves – or a longer journey which will require not only hardside or softside luggage, but also backpacks and bags. Our shop is a multibrand solution; that’s why we gladly establish cooperation with traveling opinion leaders, influencers, bloggers, media or new brands – all this to provide a practical offer consistent with current travel trends.;

AGA B. Orzechowska P.Orzechowski Sp. J.
Inżynierska 13
81-512 Gdynia
REGON: 191653538
NIP: 5861981775
KRS: 0000072781

Bank account number

ING Bank Śląski
20 1050 1764 1000 0024 3826 5221

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